KISCA16: Keynote Speaker Dr. Jonathan Borden

Posted on January 22nd, 2016

KIS Jeju is pleased to be welcoming Dr. Jonathan Borden for the 2016 KISCA conference!

Dr. Jonathan Borden has been a teacher and administrator at international schools in Asia since 1976, serving at Seoul Foreign School from 1976–2005, and then at Shanghai American School until June 2016. He and his Korean-born wife, Soon-ok, also a teacher, have been workshop presenters at schools across east Asia, working with Asian parents and western teachers to bring them into greater understanding of vastly different cultural perspectives and educational backgrounds and expectations. Dr. Borden particularly enjoys working with individual Asian international school students and their less-western parents, helping to bring mutual understanding and realistic expectations. Dr. Borden is perhaps best known as the author of the book Confucius Meets Piaget.

Keynote: Confucius Met Piaget – And They Didn’t Get Along
Daily we work with children and young people who are facing cross cultural challenges within their families and in our schools that are far beyond their ability to understand, much less handle in a mature manner. As a result, we often find them vulnerable to lives of constant personal and academic stress, in addition to the normal issues of growing up, dealing with issues of identity, gender roles, friendship groups, and intergenerational conflict. Counselors have a crucial role in helping to create mutual understanding and acceptance between students and parents in light of their increasingly wide cultural distance by students and parents, and between teachers and families as they approach education and child-rearing from vastly different starting points. This workshop will look at the basics of Confucianism and family structure in modern-day Korea, and how these themes create inner conflict and outer social stress.
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